City of Larkspur Matching Grant


We have very good news.

If you donate to the LLCC Foundation Seedling Campaign now to support the first year’s fundraising and architecture costs, your gift will be matched up to the first $100,000 received by the LLCC Foundation.

The Larkspur City Council approved on February 8 providing the LLCC Foundation with $150,000 in three $50,000 installments. The first installment is a $50,000 grant which has been given to the LLCC Foundation. The second installment will be provided when the Foundation raises $50,000. The third installment will be provided when the Foundation raises another $50,000 or $100,000 total.

The Seedling Campaign was launched in December 2018 to pay for the first year’s fundraising, architecture and support costs. Your tax-deductible donation is critical within the next 30 to 60 days. As a Seedling you are supporting this project at its inception and will receive recognition as a founding contributor.

The Larkspur Library Community Center Foundation (LLCC) Foundation is a citizen-led 501(c)(3) organization, whose purpose is to raise the necessary funds, and collaborate with the City of Larkspur to construct the Commons at Larkspur and the new Larkspur Library Community Center on the City’s vacant land at Rose Lane and Doherty Drive.  The LLCC Foundation was founded in May 2018.

For this limited time your gift will be matched by the City of Larkspur’s funds to enable the LLCC Foundation to move forward with fundraising and architecture work on the Commons and the LLCC. 

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