June 2019 Update

LLCC Foundation Board at Bon Air Center

LLCC Foundation Board at Bon Air Center

Just an update on The Commons at Larkspur and the Larkspur Library Community Center Foundation’s (LLCCF) progress –


We have raised $250,000 and retained Elliot Levin and Partnership Resources Group to conduct a fundraising feasibility study. The study is in process and we expect results later this summer.

City of Larkspur

We have a working group comprised of the City’s Mayor Ann Morrison, Council Member Kevin Haroff, City Manager Dan Schwarz, and the LLCCF Board that meets monthly to coordinate the public-private partnership.

Community Relations

We have recruited Armelle Futterman to manage our Community Relations. She has organized and held 5 small group meetings in different neighborhoods (Palm Hill, Lark Court/Larkspur, Rose Lane, and Scott Place/Greenbrae). At these meetings, we meet with neighbors in groups of 6-12 to explain where we are in the process and solicit input and support.

Many thanks to Lori Lerner and Terry Berkemeier, Jan and Bob Ginsberg, Dyan and Peter Pike and Gabe Gesmer for hosting these events.

If you are interested in hosting or attending a small group meeting please contact us through our website.

Education Relations

We have recruited Kristin Abbott to manage our outreach program to schools, districts and parent organizations. She is beginning to set up meetings for us to introduce the LLCCF and our project to different leaders and groups.

Government Relations

We have held meetings with selected state and county elected and government officials to introduce the LLCCF.

Business Relations

We have joined the Larkspur Chamber of Commerce. In addition, we will be meeting with various business groups to introduce the LLCCF and solicit input and support.


We have a website, have appeared in the Marin IJ, and are building out our social media presence on Facebook with other platforms coming soon.

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