PBS News Hour: How a group of Syrian residents assembled a secret library

Syrian students collecting books from abandoned buildings.

Syrian students collecting books from abandoned buildings.

Watch this PBS News Hour segment on a secret Syrian library.

“In August of 2016, after four years of bombings, death and destruction in Daraya, Syria, rebel forces and the Syrian government agreed to a cease fire.

Thousands of fighters and civilians were evacuated and relocated, leaving behind shattered homes and buildings in ruins. But underneath that rubble, in an abandoned basement, lay a hidden treasure: a secret library filled with thousands of books salvaged during the ravages of war by residents who risked their lives to save them.”

The books were collected from bombed out houses by students and former students.  The library was then secretly opened in an abandoned bombed out building’s basement.

This is an inspiring story from today’s news on how libraries help communities and individuals.


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