Larkspur City Council Progress

Progress is being made on the Larkspur Library Community Center Foundation (LLCCF) mission to fund and build a new modern library for Larkspur.

The City Council Agenda for Wednesday September 18 at 6:30 PM is a significant step forward in realizing a new library for Larkspur. Please look at Item 8.2 which includes:

• Bond Funding to be evaluated;

• Developer Partnership Request For Quote will go out in October with proposals due in January 2020;

• Architectural Request For Proposals for a Schematic Design of a New Library in September with recommendations due in February 2020; and

• Government Partnerships – not started yet.

Please either attend the meeting and speak, or send an email today to our Mayor or our City Manager, encouraging the City Council to take these steps forward and asking them to accelerate the process for evaluating funding options and selecting a path forward for the City.

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