NY Times: Libraries Strive to Stay ‘Community Living Rooms’ as They Reopen Safely lending books is just the beginning.

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Libraries are figuring out everything from how to remain welcoming spaces to how to respond to changing reader behavior.

Here is a very interesting article on how to think through reopening the library during a pandemic.

Link to NY Times article.

Key Steps:

  • Moving as many activities and services online as possible

  • Increasing the availability of ebooks and magazines

  • Curbside drop off and pick up for physical books and media

  • Increased use of Zoom for classes and programs

  • Designing inside the building services to reduce lingering and social interaction

  • Dramatic reduction of people allowed in the building at the same time

We will be addressing many of these trends in the coming weeks as we plan and seek public support for the New Digital Larkspur Library.

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