Annual Campaign

Current Situation

Due to Covid-19 the City has projected a significant revenue shortfall in the 2020-21 budget:

  • Budget revenue down $2.7M
  • Library Budget $634,095 down $284,768 or 31% over 2019-20
  • No City funds for a new Library building
  • Demand for free library services continues to grow

Physical Library

Covid-19 use restrictions for City buildings and programs are expected for foreseeable future. 

  • A very small set of things can be done to enable people to safely access physical books and media:
    Curbside pickup and drop off of materials
  • Expansion of the Audio & Print Books Catalog
  • Expanded, shaded outdoor experience for using the Library’s WiFi

Virtual Library

The Virtual Library is where essential library services are provided online, including:

  • Streaming media 
  • eBooks, eMagazines
  • Online public programs 
  • Online services 
  • Zoom meetings
  • Circulation Desk, Help Desk, Help Chat, Email  

The new Virtual Library will require an enhanced website to serve as the hub, social media for service delivery and communications, and marketing resources to make people aware of new content and how to access and enjoy it.


Thank you to our Annual Campaign Donors:


Benefactor    $5,000-$10,000+

Friends of the Larkspur Library


Patron        $2,501-$5,000

Lori Lerner & Terry Berkemeier

Marisa & Joe Jennings 


Leader        $1,001-$2,500

Gabriel Gesmer
Dyan & Peter Pike


Supporter    $501-$1,000

Steve Stein & Rosine Reynolds


Editor            $251-$500


Juliana & Alan Kaye

Ann Wakeley


Enthusiast    $101-$250

Melissa Dawson

Brendhan & Katherine Green 

Gary Haber & Barbara Luttig-Haber

Nancy Schlegel & Doris Hunker

Rachel Schneider


Reader        $1-$100

Layla Bockhorst

Dulcy Brainerd

Barbara Friday

W.J. (Bill) & J.F. Levinson

Hank Miller

Vita Moattar

Barbara Otto

Gillian Schultz

Mary Van Dyke
Steven & Nancy Wasserman

John (Jack) Wilson

Audrey Zavell

Grants Given

The Commons Foundation announced it has given the Larkspur Public Library a $34,600 grant to increase physical and virtual library materials and services. The July 2020 grant increased funding for:


  • Curbside pickup and drop off support — $3,000 
  • Audio & print book acquisitions — $10,000
  • Expanded current movies, books, music, classes, tutoring offerings — $9,600 — including: 
  • AtoZ databases: Ultimate Reference Tool for Library Patrons; 
  • TumbleBook: a curated database of children’s e-books with over 1,100 titles for grades K-6; and, 
  • Udemy:  3,500 online video courses taught by world-class instructors
  • Website improvements — $6,000
  • Social media — $6,000

Programs to be Funded

Physical library program needs include:


  • Increased print books and audio books
  • Improved outside of building WIFI– expanded service, shaded outdoor seating
  • Expanded content programs
  • Additional website improvements and social media support


Virtual library services include:


  • New eBook subscriptions
  • BrainFuse: academic tutoring to career coaching
  • CRFA Financial: Marketscope Advisor: tools will help you make informed investment decisions
  • Hoopla: entertainment media products and services: DVDs, CDs, audiobooks 
  • ValueLine: performance-proven investment research