Background Documents

Interesting Recent Articles on Libraries and Community Centers

Background Resources on Libraries as Community Centers

Public Libraries are playing a major role in childhood literacy, computer training and workforce development.

The Public wants increased digital skills and spaces to read, work and relax in Public Libraries.

How Public Libraries will transform communities through super connectivity, being the civic square, and encouraging learning and creativity.

City Documents

(1) Adopt Resolution 10/19 establishing criteria for the City Manager to transfer up to $150,000 to the Larkspur Library and Community Center Foundation;
(2) Adopt Resolution 11/19 rescinding Resolution 13/15 approving design criteria for the Larkspur Library and Community Facility.

A resolution of The City of Larkspur expressing its commitment to partner with the Larkspur Library and Community Center Task Force to pursue fundraising for development of a library and community center on the Community Facility Parcel.