March 31, 2020 Newsletter

As the first three months of 2020 ends we can look back to the accomplishing these milestones:

New Board Members

In February we welcomed Terry Berkemeier, Tamara Hull and Chris Hartzell as new members of our Board of Directors.

Champions Formed

The Champions is a small team of local community and business leaders who are working together to run the Leadership Gifts Campaign, which is the first phase of our $5M capital campaign.  The Champions include: Terry Berkemeier, Lori Lerner, Laurie Dubin, Kristi Ellenzweig, Jonathan Ellenzweig, Jeanne Friedel, Kathy Green, Chris Hartzell and Joe Jennings.

Capital Campaign

TCF has raised cash and pledges of $998,463 and has cash on hand of $206,272.

Our donors and pledges include:

Leadership Donors ($50,000+): Lori Lerner & Terry Berkemeier, Kristi & Jonathan Ellenzweig, Kathy & Christopher Hartzell, Marisa & Joe Jennings, City of Larkspur and Christina (Tina) McArthur.

Major Gift Donors ($5,000-$49,999): Friends of the Larkspur Library, Paul B. Feasby Charitable Fund, Gabriel Gesmer, Jeanette Giacomini, Kathy & Brendhan Green, Jeanne Friedel, Laurie P. & Scott Dubin, Bill Howard, Larkspur Library Foundation, Rosine Reynolds & Steve Stein and the Salesforce Foundation.

The complete list of donors is on our website.

Legacy Society 

The Legacy Society has planned giving pledges equaling $1,200,000 for The Commons Foundation. Members include: Joanne Bethlahmy, Honorary Co-Chairperson, Joe Jennings, Co-Chairperson, Marisa Jennings, Christina (Tina) McArthur, Elda Marie Phillips and Anonymous.

Annual Fund/Friends of the Library

The Annual Fund’s purpose is to sustain and grow current library programs and operations. In 2019-20 TCF partnered with the Friends of the Larkspur Library to develop and run a Season of Giving Campaign that generated $13,000 for the Annual Fund.

Note from TCF President:

It is ironic that a global pandemic and economic recession gives you the time and space to consider why we are we doing things in our lives.

The things we don’t know are significant: when the shelter in place will end; the depth and duration of the economic recession; the impact of both on the City of Larkspur government and local communities; and the availability of future federal and state funds for new social infrastructure projects.

What we do know is also significant: we have a growing community of citizens working together to raise the funds to build the new library; the shelter in place has heightened the awareness of the importance of public institutions and gathering places for our communities; and with patience, pragmatism, and effort we will succeed at funding, building and sustaining a new library and public square for all of our communities.

Please stay safe, in touch, and open to how we can move forward in these difficult times.

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