Capital Campaign



The Commons Foundation (c) 2020



The Commons Foundation (c) 2020

Covid-19 Response

TCF Capital Campaign has adjusted to Covid-19.

  • TCF is now raising 100% of the funds — the City will not be making a substantial investment. 
  • TCF is seeking to fund a smaller, first building that can support curbside pickup and drop off, provide public WiFi, and offer a robust virtual library.
  • When the crisis is passed the new library can be expanded to provide additional meeting room space.



The Commons A New Modern Library for Larkspur

The Commons Foundation (c) 2020

Phase 1

The first phase building and site will include:


  • Full support for physical and virtual library services; 
  • Library building of up to 5,000 square feet in a single story;
  • Public square and areas for informal outdoor gatherings;
  • Ample parking with up to 60 parking spaces and bicycles racks; and
  • Easy access to  Magnolia Avenue and Doherty Drive, near bike and pedestrian paths, and close to 4 schools.

Why Now

The existing Larkspur Library has numerous concerns and limitations.


  • Safety: The library is in Larkspur City Hall, which requires major structural upgrades to comply with fire and seismic codes, and lacks a modern ventilation system.
  • Size: The 4,500 square foot library lacks seating, tables, displays, and space for learning, technology and cultural activities for all age groups.
  • Accessibility: Steep stairways, narrow poorly lit aisles, and cramped stacks make it difficult to navigate.
  • Parking: Only 3 dedicated parking spaces, with one space now used for curbside pickup.

The city is contributing a 2.4 acre parcel and has an approved master plan for its development as a new public facility. 


There is urgency to act. 



The Commons A New Modern Library for Larkspur

The Commons Foundation (c) 2020

The Commons

The communities of Larkspur, Greenbrae, and Kentfield have two shared challenges and an opportunity to solve both with a single bold initiative. The shared challenges are:


  • The communities need a modern regional library; and,

  • The communities lack a public square, an outdoor gathering space, and an activity hub.


    There is a unique opportunity to respond to these needs with a project that is at once dynamic and cost-effective.   It is to build a modern regional library and public square on land that the City of Larkspur owns on Doherty Drive, close to shops, restaurants, and schools.  It will have all those elements that make a society vibrant and healthy.  


Modern Library

Modern libraries mix physical and virtual spaces to provide quiet reading areas with adjacent talkative busy areas that are designed to be flexible and respond to public and cultural changes over time. The new building will have the following features.   


Library Spaces 

    • Market place (new releases, best sellers, staff picks)

    • Children’s library collection, meeting space and seating

    • Collections and readers seats

    • Quiet reading area

    • Self service and customer service desk


Community Spaces

    • Multipurpose rooms

    • Group study rooms

    • Technology spaces

    • Maker space

Virtual Library  

  • Enhanced website
  • Social media
  • Streaming media 
  • eBooks, eMagazines
  • Online public programs 
  • Online services 
  • Zoom meetings
  • Circulation Desk, Help Desk, Help Chat, Email  


The Champions Team

The Champions is a small team of local community and business leaders who are working together to run the Leadership Gifts Campaign, which is the first phase of our $5M capital campaign.

Terry Berkemeier
Lori Lerner
Kristi Ellenzweig
Jonathan Ellenzweig
Jeanne Friedel
Kathy Green
Chris Hartzell
Joe Jennings


Many thanks to our Donors

Leadership Donors  ($50,000+)

Lori Lerner & Terry Berkemeier, Joanne Bethlahmy Estate, Kristi & Jonathan Ellenzweig, Barbara & Karl Friday, Kathy & Christopher Hartzell, Marisa & Joe Jennings, City of Larkspur, Christina (Tina) McArthur, Dyan & Peter Pyke, Cindy & Chris Winship


Major Gift Donors ($5,000-$49,999)

Friends of the Larkspur Library, Paul B. Feasby Charitable Fund, Gabriel Gesmer, Jeanette Giacomini, Robert & Jan Ginsburg, Kathy & Brendhan Green, Jeanne Friedel, Laurie P. and Scott Dubin, Bill Howard, Larkspur Library Foundation, Rosine Reynolds & Steve Stein, Salesforce Foundation


Community Gift Donors ($1-$4,999)

Julie Allecta, In Memory of Steve Nicol (Anonymous), Carrie & James Burroughs, Sharon Faccinto, Barbara & Karl Friday, Armelle & Michael Futterman, Robert & Jan Ginsburg, Lynda & Richard Greene, Kevin Haroff, Helyse Hollander, Doris N. Hunker, Jim Hunnewell, Alice Kaufman & Frank Gold, Michael & Eliza Koeppel, Larkspur Community Foundation, W.J. (Bill) & J.F. Levinson, Victoria Love, Joan Lundstrom, Clarke Miller, Network for Good, Susan Painter, Mark Palmer, Christine Palmer, Lois Patton, Dwight & Sandra Ruliffson Pedersen, Dyan & Peter Pike, Catherine Pyke, AJ Rea & Family, Andy Revell, Bill & Sue Rochester, Judith Saffran, Jim & Mary Dale Scheller, Nancy Schlegel, Suzanne Shelhart, Paul & Natalie Straub, Lisbet Sunshine, Philip & Patricia Terry, Steven & Nancy Wasserman, Catherine & Lawrence Way, Jeff & Michelle Wilcox, Ryan & Kristina Wilson, John Wilson, Elliott & Barbara Wolfe, Audrey Zavell