The new Larkspur Library Community Center will enable our communities and individuals to grow toward their greatest potential.

A larger lobby, market place, with a greater selection of best sellers, new books and media, free and available to all.

Offers 21st century technology, state-of-the-art broadband, digital services, maker spaces and creative programs focused on innovation and learning.

More meeting space with greater flexibility will allow groups small and large to plan and conduct meetings and classes.

Access to 10+ million books and media delivered to the Library for easy pickup.

A new city patio with a view of Mt. Tam that will create a year-round meeting place for people.

Expanded parking and improved access will make it easier and more convenient for everyone to visit.

Our goal is to provide a space where patrons can transform their lives by socializing, working, learning and participating in the community.


21st Century Library Community Center that is a community gathering place and patio for the City.

  • 2.4 acres at Rose Lane

  • 60 off-street parking spaces

  • 20,000 SF building

  • City’s Living rooms and Patio for gathering, sharing and learning.

  • Support for small, medium and large group meetings

  • Programs for all ages

  • Fulfills July 2013 Larkspur Rose Garden Community Facilities Parcel Master Plan Report

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“The City of Larkspur needs a new Library facility. The existing library facility is neither seismically safe nor universally accessible. It is cramped, is located in a historic building on a site not suited for expansion, and does not contain sufficient space for learning, technology or cultural activities for all age groups.” (Source: 2013 Larkspur Rose Garden Community Facility Parcel Master Plan Report pp. 2)

“Kathy Page of Page + Morris, a nationally recognized library planning and programming consultant… identified the constraints of the existing library facility at City Hall and recommended a relocated library of approximately 12,400 Square Feet.” (Source: 2013 Larkspur Rose Garden Community Facility Parcel Master Plan Report pp. 7)

“The City’s most recent space needs assessment puts the Library’s core service need at nearly three times the current space and contemplates a library and community center having space needs greater than four times the current space.” (Source: 2050 Plan Update pp 9)

“Within the Library itself, attendance at classes and lectures must be limited due to space constraints… Demand for seating at the Library is higher than the facility accommodates.” (Source: 2050 Plan Update pp 9)

Meeting Rooms

“The City of Larkspur needs a community center that provides adequate space for programs, meetings and events.” (Source: 2013 Larkspur Rose Garden Community Facility Parcel Master Plan Report pp. 2)

“The City of Larkspur has no access to small meeting spaces such as group study rooms or conference rooms… the City lacks any suitable large meeting spaces that can accommodate large events.” (Source: 2013 Larkspur Rose Garden Community Facility Parcel Master Plan Report pp. 24)

Public Space

The City of Larkspur has no central square. The majority of the City’s parks are not centrally located and available as a daily gathering place for citizens near the business and education cores of the city.


The Library has 3 public parking spaces and should have 3 per 1,000 square feet of space.

“During peak periods, demand exceeds the available parking, resulting in overflow into the residential streets adjacent to the Downtown. There is a lack of parking for employees of Downtown businesses; a consequence of the limited parking is that employees also park on adjacent residential streets.” (Source: 2050 Plan Update, pp. 23)